Prueba de Nivel

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Indícanos tus datos

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Centro de Preferencia

¿Cuántos años tienes?

1. Numbers: 7, 9, 11

2. How are you?

3. What is she doing?

4. Do you like apples?

5. There ____ five dogs.

6. ___you play the guitar? Yes, I can

7. ____ does a doctor work? In a hospital.

8. ____ color is your pencil? It´s red.

9. ______ People are there?

10. _____ do you want a dog? Because I love animals.

11. They never ____ their homework on Saturdays.

12. Where ____live?

13. What´s the weather like today?

14. My dad____ TV every afternoon.

15. What time is it? It´s 14:20

16. Your handwriting is____ than mine

17. ____ got a dog? Yes, I have.

18. How ____ brothers do you have?

19. Jack likes ____football.

20. Bill is ____ than Lucy.

21. What time is it? It´s 12:45

22. We ____ for the bus when it____ to rain.

23. Teachers ____ mark homework

24. How____ milk do you want in your tea?

25. We ____at home last night.

26. It´s cold today. You ____ wear a coat.

27. If it ____, we´ll go by car.

28. Yesterday I ____ really ill.

29. You mustn’t ____ in the cinema.

30. ___ the concert yesterday?

31. I ___ my keys while I____ football

32. I´m ____a teacher when I finish my studies.

33. When I opened the door, I ___my friend.

34. Robert hates ___ tennis.

35. We____ on holiday last year.

36. How___ dogs do you have?.

37. I never ____ to school on Saturdays.

38. He ____ want to come with us yesterday.

39. If you ____, you will pass the exam.

40. I met my friend while I ___ to school yesterday.

¿Cuál consideras que es tu nivel?

Choose the correct answer. Only one answer is correct.

1. __________ any wine left? ...

2. No, __________ gone.

3. I don't like tea; can I have __________

4. It was a long film: __________

5. I've just bought __________ table.

6. Please speak a little more __________.

7. How big is your family?

8. I __________.

9. I love cheese.

10. What time do you have lunch? __________ at one thirty.

11. He lives there __________ his own.

12. The newsagent's is __________ the church.

13. My mother is too old to look __________ herself.

14. We went __________ church.

15. Are you fond __________ cats?

Now, which sentence is NOT correct?

16. Why __________ come with you?

17. __________ leave so soon?

18. When __________ give her an answer?

19. __________ you tell me something?

20. I like __________ on Saturdays.

21. You __________ to watch so much television.

22. Please __________ about this.

23. You can play in the house, but __________ play outside.

24. Give me __________ a coke.

25. __________ call the police.

Choose the question or response which fits the situation
Joe: How are you?.
Sue: Not very well, I'm afraid.
A) What's wrong?
B) Good for you.
C) Where did you go?
D) That's nice!
The correct answer is A 'What's wrong?' The other choices do not make sense

26. Joe: Where do you work?
Sue: In a travel agency.

27. Joe: I'm going to Orwell tomorrow?
Sue: Where's Orwell?

28. Joe: This coffee's too sweet for me.
Sue: Have mine. I haven't put any sugar in.

29. Joe: Would you like to come to my party?
Sue: Is your brother going too?

30. Joe: Is that a new dress?
Sue: Yes, do you like it?

Which class do the words belong to?
EXAMPLE: England, Switzerland and Qatar are:
A) cities
B) countries
C) regions
D) capitals
The correct answer is B. So, write it in your Test Answer Sheet

31. Shirts, trousers and skirts are:

32. Bread, cake and potatoes are:

33. Football, chess and tennis are:

34. Hammers, screwdrivers and saws are:

35. Arabic, Farsi and Japanese are:

36. Stamp-collecting, bird-watching and wind-surfing are:

37. Aunts, uncles and cousins are:

38. Clouds, fog and sunshine are examples of:

39. Winter, spring and summer are:

40. Nursing, teaching and engineering are:


1. The house was locked, so __________ could get in.

2. Some people have difficulty in making __________ understood.

3. I __________.

4. __________ I know you very well, I'll tell you a secret.

5. You look __________ a ghost.

6. I don't think I'll come with you tomorrow.
OK, but let me know if you __________ .

7. __________ to see the new offices yet?

8. The English __________ when meeting for the first time.

9. The bus has gone. Can you __________ home?

10. My car's __________ . I must take it to the garage.

11. The sky is black. It looks __________ rain

12. They closed the door to stop the dog __________ escaping.

13. I'd like to thank you __________ what you have done.

14. I've forgotten __________ everything I was told.

15. I'm longing __________ the end of winter.

16. Which verb has the same pattern as 'swim', 'ring' and 'drink'?

17. Three of the verbs stay the same in the past, like put-put. Which one changes?

18. Three of the verbs stay the same in the past, like put-put. Which one changes?

19. __________ already left by the time I arrived.

20. Will you __________ take a holiday this year?

21. PRIVATE KEEP OUT - You __________ go in there.

22. They made __________ them everything

23. Why __________ come with you?

24. Ask him how __________ .

25. I last saw John __________ .


26. I'm going to steal a car.

27. Stop laughing! I can't __________.

28. When's it going to stop raining? I wish __________.

29. It's going to rain.__________ take my coat, then.

30. What are you doing?


In three of the four words, the underlined part is pronounced the same; in the fourth word, the underlined part is pronounced differently. Find the fourth word.
A) antique C) king
B) chemist D) choose
The correct answer is D. So, write it in your Test Answer Sheet.

31. Guilty / busy / bury / build

32. Suit / Blue / flew / sew

33. Many / guess / pleasant /leading

34. Thirst / heard / heart / word

35. Choose / bought / board / normal

Read the text and answer the questions. Only one answer is correct
My cousin Bianca is a motor mechanic. She works in a busy garage in the middle of the town, about five minutes' walk from home. She likes everything about the job, except for the fact that she can never seem to get completely clean at the end of the day. All the other mechanics, except for the supervisor, are men. She gets on with everyone very well, although she occasionally has trouble with the customers who think that, being a woman, she cannot be a good mechanic. As it happens, she is considered by most of her workmates to be the best mechanic in the garage. Her husband Gianni is the accountant and works at the Company head office, which is just outside the town.

36. What Bianca dislikes about working in the garage is that

37. Which of the following statements about Bianca is true?

38. Most of her fellow-workers think that Bianca

39. Which of these statements about Gianni is true?

40. Which of these people think that Bianca cannot be a good mechanic?

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