For teachers

Are you passionate about teaching English?

Oxford Language School is where energetic teachers use their skills to create both a fun and educational working environment! We teach our students using a solid curriculum based on immersive teaching methods in modern academies full of teaching resources to make our lessons more dynamic and engaging.

Are you looking to gain experience, engage creativity in teaching methods, and love your job?

Here at Oxford, we appreciate your creativity! Our support network of teachers makes Oxford a place where we share our ideas, games and teaching resources as well as have the opportunity to develop our own teaching style. Throughout the year we offer countless opportunities for professional development.

Do you want to experience another culture in an amazing city in the North of Spain?

Our academies are located in central Bilbao in Basque Country along the beautiful Northern Coast of Spain. The historical industrial city, home of Guggenheim, is surrounded by mountains and rich with culture and life. Not only can teaching at Oxford be a professional adventure, but one of the most exciting experiences of your life.

Apply now!

Applicants need to have a native-level of English and have a legal working status in Spain or an EU passport. We offer full support to new teachers from the European Union getting a NIE (Spanish ID number)