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We are excited to introduce our Spanish Crash Courses for 2023! Learn Spanish in the Center of Bilbao!

Learn Spanish in the Center of Bilbao!

Do you want that kick-start in learning Spanish?

Are you interested in an immersive learning experience and having intensive classes which focus not only on grammar, but also communicating and speaking in Spanish?

Do you want to learn Spanish while also making new friends and getting to know Bilbao together?

If the answers to those questions are yes, then choose Oxford Language School!

We are excited to introduce our Spanish Crash Courses for 2023!

Learning Spanish on your own can be difficult, so why not choose to learn Spanish in a classroom setting, in small groups where you can reinforce the Spanish you know in a structured setting! This is an incredible opportunity to reinforce or learn new grammar and vocabulary, but then also focus on pair and group-work and practical usage of spoken Spanish, which is difficult to do on your own! If you’re tired of large classrooms with board work and exams, this is the perfect environment to improve your speaking in a fun an interactive way!

Why choose Oxford Language School?

At Oxford Language School, we focus on learning in smaller groups because teachers can cater to specific interests and needs of their students. Our classes always start with the introduction of essential grammar and vocabulary per level, but what makes Oxford different is second part of class – the use of spoken Spanish and ability to practice and communicate! Our classes are dynamic, prioritize breaking the barriers students have when they try to speak Spanish in a dynamic controlled environment. We are located centrally, and the prices of the courses we offer are competitive!

How are the classes structured?

Intensive classes are held in the mornings Monday to Thursdays finishing by 12pm, which means that after starting your day, students, tourists, or teachers have the entire day to enjoy the city with their peers, tour Bilbao, go to University classes, or work! Classes always begin with grammar and vocabulary for having a foundation in a specific level of Spanish and to build context in a particular subject. However, the second part of class focuses on practical application! This is designed to practice speaking, build your confidence, work in pairs or groups, challenged to give a presentation or debate and push yourself to use your Spanish!

Where are classes located? What are the dates and times of classes? How much does it cost?


We are central! Our classes are held at Oxford Indautxu, located at Licenciado Poza 52 (Bilbao). This is in central Bilbao right next to San Mames stadium Metro Station and Calle Pozas, which is an area full of vibrant cafes and beautiful parks!

Dates and Schedule for the Spanish Crash Course:

The first course will run from July 3rd to July 27th, Monday to Thursday. The class schedule will be from 9:30 AM to 12:00 PM
9:30-10:30 classes focus on grammar and vocabulary.
10:30-12:00 classes consolidate the grammar and vocabulary learned with speaking activities, projects, and group work to build confidence in spoken Spanish.
Participants will receive a total of 40 hours of intensive training during this period.

Prices for the Spanish Crash Courses:

The annual registration fee for the course is 40€, and the course price is 400€. This is the price for a month course, the next date being from July 3rd to July 27th. However, please get in contact with us about classes for a weekly, monthly or yearly intensive in September to June.

*Discounts for Teachers of English*

We do offer discounts to anyone who is an English teacher in Bilbao to support our local teacher community!
• All teachers will receive a 100€ discount in the form of a «scholarship.»
• If you are an Oxford teacher, you can benefit from a 50% discount on the course price.

I’m interested! How do I get more information about this course?

For more information please reach out to us. You can contact us contact by phone at the following phone number: 665 740 487, submit your comment on the website tab below, send a WhatsApp to 688609265, or email spanish@oxfordls.com

Take advantage of this unique opportunity to improve your Spanish language skills, get to know Bilbao as a local, and make new friends!

Don’t miss the chance to join our Spanish Crash Courses. Enroll today!

We look forward to welcoming you with open arms at Oxford LS as we work together to enhance language learning!

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